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10 septiembre, 2009

The fashion world a twitter!!!

Mounir Moufarrige, one of the most influential fashion CEO´s has replaced the wonderful Esteban Cortazar in Ungaro for...... get ready for it!!!!.............. LINDSAY LOHAN!!!!

Lindsay Lohan will be collaborating with unkown designer Estrella Archs, Lindsay will be more of a "fashion advisor" for the brand. Moufarrige says that "the age of gilded designers on their ivory towers are over" he basically wants to make more money, and thinks that Lohan will give a more coked-up, drugged-up, D-list celebrity feel.

Cortazar is one of the modern masters of fashion, I cannot believe this has happened, the rumor has been around for some time, and a few days ago a got a text on my blackberry but I refused to believe it, but now I confirmed it... Ungaro lovers, your future is weary.

Lindsay Lohan for Ungaro?

What do you think?
Mounir Moufarrige

Estrella Archs

Esteban Cortazar

Lindsay Lohan

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