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28 mayo, 2010

Need No Reason to...

Recently, Sebas and I threw a party for no particular reason other than to get friends together, get drunk and dance all night long.

Midway through the party the girls started to do shots of tequila straight out of the bottle, and these are the pics that came out of those moments. Reggaeton, salsa, merengue and some latin pop turned the night into one hell-of-a-night.

As you can see a picture of two friends perreando, and also dancing Creau, a Brazilian funk song that was THE song two years ago.

Isla Bonita phase...

I just heard this song through even though it has been playing in the US for a year now.

With Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" and Rihanna's "Te Amo," these girls are really heading into their "Isla Bonita"
phase, singing songs with spanish lyrics and most of all putting in the lesbianic touch to their videos.

This is "Te Amo," but this video is only for Europe, while a for discreet music video plays in the States, how
purinatical can gringos be?

Fashion Rio and SPFW...

Click on the pic to view it larger

Anyone that knows me, and if you read this blog you know that I love Brazil and Brazilian fashion. Both Fashion Rio and SPFW are taking place these days starting with Fashion Rio yesterday, and SPFW will begin the 9th of June. 

I can't wait for the Osklen fashion show to see what Oskar Metsavaht has come up with for summer, last summer he was inspired by carnaval and did a minimalist take of the greatest party on earth, if I'm correct he was inspired by Mangueira one of the most famous Samba Schools in Rio de Janeiro with the colors green and pink.

So here I'm posting the calendar for Brazilian fashion weeks this month, if you're in São Paulo or Rio head down to the Bienal or Pier Mauá respectively and enjoy what I'm not able to for now. 

27 mayo, 2010

Who Knew?

Rachel Zoe and her assistant, Brad Goreski where recently photographed my the fabulous Terry Richardson in his studio in NYC.

The pictures show that it was just friends visiting friends and maybe after some drinks, the camara came out? I don't know but Terry took of his shirt and Brad his t-shirt and it seems that Rachel started clicking away, but I assume that the image of Brad Goreski shirtless was captured by Terry hilself. 

Mr. Richardson posted the pictures in his site showing the body that Rachel's assitant has been hidding under his hipster persona... 

Brad Goreski is sexy!

What do you think?

21 mayo, 2010


Yes... Marc Jacobs has really transformed himself from a great-chubby-nerdy designer to a great-sexy-tattooed designer.

With his bulging pecs and biceps Jacobs now has the self-steem and may I say the right to pose naked for whatever he wants, specially if that something in question is his new perfume. Some people did not like him posing naked, but I say if you got it, flaunt it so you can look back and say... "I was such a hot bitch!"

I'm guessing that Marc is channeling Yves's naked picture back in the '71 and Tom Ford's perfum-bottle-covering-crotch add, anyhow I like it. 

Plus it's the very first men's perfume done by Marc Jacobs and it has a naked add... Love you Marc! 

The perfume is called BANG, btw.

20 mayo, 2010

Look IX... Serpent legs...

I'm beggining to really define my style, kinda figuring out it's Parisian-preppy with a bit of English anarchy. Sebas is kinda scared but he understands I like the spotlight, never the follower always the leader.

I love leggings with shorts, I began to wear them last year and now I've gone to printed tights... LOVE IT!!! 

T-shit with Kate Moss print - A.Y. Not Dead
Long sleeve shirt - A.Y. Not Dead
Necklace with palm tree pendant - Osklen
Black shorts - Garçon Garcia
Tights - A.Y. Not Dead
Sneakers - Osklen

The Week in Palacio...

Every time Sebas and I have gone to Rio, he has wanted to go to a gay club. He says that it's a must in Rio, going to a gay night club since it's world re-known that Rio de Janeiro is the gay capital of South America, but we have never been able to go to one, frankly I prefer to go to a samba school and listen to and dance to real Brazilian music than go to a night club a dance to electronic music. 

After having been in Rio I can honestly say that it's a BIG myth the idea of the Cidade Maravilhosa being the gay mecca of Latin America. The only gay areas of Rio are the beaches, specially the area of Ipenema left of Farme de Amoedo, Ipanema as a neighborhood, and the gay clubs, but Buenos Aires has much more of gay acceptance than Brazil does.

Even though I absolutely love Brasil and specially Rio de Janeiro, I still prefer Buenos Aires in the sence of gay life and gay acceptance, I mean, Argentina could possibly become the first Latin American country to finally recognize the right of gay people to marry who they choose, and to be recognized by the law.

The Week is the most famous of Brazilian gay night clubs, based in São Paulo it has branches in Rio and Florianopolis. During the summer they host some of the most amazing parties oriented for the gay public in Brazil; this past weekend they began in Buenos Aires the "The Week for Export" parties, mixing Brazilian DJs with Argentine ones and throwing one heck of a party with the best drag queens, go-go boys, and electronic music around.

So Sebas finally got to go to a Brazilian gay night club... in Buenos Aires, cheaper than going to Rio though.

The fabulous Ms. Moria Casan, one of the most famous vedettes of Argentina.

The one with the tattoo was the hottest guy in the place... 

Gay club cliché, no? Glitter falling from the roof...

Yes, that's me with a drag queen, I just wanted a pictures she placed her lips on mine.

The Week in Palacio... did you like?

11 mayo, 2010

Look VIII... Rio's happy arches...

During our last trip to Rio, we went to one of my favorite places in the city to barhop, listen to amazing live samba, and some of the best caipivodkas in town.... although it is a given that you can find a good caipivodka anywhere in town.

As you can see in the pictures I'm already a bit tipsy in them... I just love me some caipi-anything.

Camel shirt with white shorts, don't I look like a real Carioca? hehe I wish...

Shirt - Polo Ralph Lauren
Shorts - Garçon Garcia
Shoes - Osklen
City - Rio de Janeiro!!

Even the pictures look humid!!!

06 mayo, 2010

R.J. Cutler's...

Due to this years Met Gala, the maker of "The September Issue" has released a short documentary film done in the same way that his previous documentation of Anna Wintour was done.

This short film entitled "The Met Ball," follows the planning, preparation, and the ball itself during its 2007 version honoring that great French designer of the Bélle Époque, Paul Poiret.

Here are the two links for the film, I hope you enjoy it as much as me, part one,and part two.


05 mayo, 2010

The Met...

The Met Ball is one of the fashion world's most anticipated nights, other than Fashion's Night Out nowadays. 

Every year the Costume Institute at the Met hosts a ball in honor of fashion, fashion designers, style and amazing dresses to open it's new fashion exhibition. In previous years, the theme was Superheroes, last year it was Supermodels and now they turn to a more accessible style, that of American Women.

The Met Ball has stopped honoring Olympic-like statuesque god-like creatures, and this year's theme was American Women: Fashioning a National Identity. This is the first time that the Costume Institute has drawn from the Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection, and show how American women evolved from 1890 to 1940, focusing on the influence of the "Gibson Girl," "Flapper," "Bohemian," "Screen Siren," and many other styles of the belle époque, roaring twenties, and the golden age of Hollywood.

These are my pics for the best dressed of the night, also some of the most interesting (André and Katy) although I have a feeling the best ensemble, a shawl-collar tux by Prada worn by Lady Gaga was never photographed, only a photo with Signora Miuccia that was leaked by Prada's people.

The very fabulous Ms. Anna Wintour in Chanel Haute Couture, and her heir-apparent Bee Shaffer in Balenciaga.
Chloë Sevigny in Proenza Schouler with the label's own Jack McCollough and the very cute Lazaro Hernandez.

One of my favorite voguette Lauren Santo Domingo in a fabulous long-sleeve, paillette dress in nude by Proenza Schouler.

Ralph Lauren and Ricky Lauren in the designer's own creations... Love the jeans though.

Emma Watson in Burberry with Burberry's Christopher Bailey.

Tom Ford in none other than... Tom Ford. (drooling).

My favorite model Chanel Iman in a golden jumpsuit by Michael Kors... I love the Halstonish quality of it.
Nicole Richie in Marc Jacobs.

Liu Wen, my favorite asian model in Naeem Khan and Brian Atwood shoes, John Dempsey, and Constance Jablonsky in Jason Wu.

January Jones in Yves Saint Laurent with the label's very fabulous Stefano Pilati.

Soooo hot!!! Hugh Dancy!!! and his wife Claire Danes, both in Burberry.

Isn't she the ultimate fashion icon of our days? Sarah Jessica Parker in Halston Heritage.

Elisa Sednaoui in Chanel Haute Couture with "the Kaiser" himself, Karl Lagerfeld.

She was the one that really lit up the party, Katy Parry in a dress that had batteries and light-bulbs by CuteCircuit, completely loved it. 
The french socialite, fashion muse, actress, and singer-song writer Charlotte Gainsbourg in Balenciaga with the label's mastermind Nicolas Ghesquière.

André Leon Talley and Whoppi Goldberg, both in Chado Ralph Rucci.

Alexa Chung in 3.1 Phillip Lim, with Phillip Lim himself.

My favorite couple the other brangelina of the fashion world, other than Marc and Lorenzo. Gisele Bündchen in Alexander Wang with hubby Tom Brady in Tom Ford.

Lady Gaga during her performance in an Armani Privé catsuit.

Do you agree? 

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