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20 mayo, 2010

The Week in Palacio...

Every time Sebas and I have gone to Rio, he has wanted to go to a gay club. He says that it's a must in Rio, going to a gay night club since it's world re-known that Rio de Janeiro is the gay capital of South America, but we have never been able to go to one, frankly I prefer to go to a samba school and listen to and dance to real Brazilian music than go to a night club a dance to electronic music. 

After having been in Rio I can honestly say that it's a BIG myth the idea of the Cidade Maravilhosa being the gay mecca of Latin America. The only gay areas of Rio are the beaches, specially the area of Ipenema left of Farme de Amoedo, Ipanema as a neighborhood, and the gay clubs, but Buenos Aires has much more of gay acceptance than Brazil does.

Even though I absolutely love Brasil and specially Rio de Janeiro, I still prefer Buenos Aires in the sence of gay life and gay acceptance, I mean, Argentina could possibly become the first Latin American country to finally recognize the right of gay people to marry who they choose, and to be recognized by the law.

The Week is the most famous of Brazilian gay night clubs, based in São Paulo it has branches in Rio and Florianopolis. During the summer they host some of the most amazing parties oriented for the gay public in Brazil; this past weekend they began in Buenos Aires the "The Week for Export" parties, mixing Brazilian DJs with Argentine ones and throwing one heck of a party with the best drag queens, go-go boys, and electronic music around.

So Sebas finally got to go to a Brazilian gay night club... in Buenos Aires, cheaper than going to Rio though.

The fabulous Ms. Moria Casan, one of the most famous vedettes of Argentina.

The one with the tattoo was the hottest guy in the place... 

Gay club cliché, no? Glitter falling from the roof...

Yes, that's me with a drag queen, I just wanted a pictures she placed her lips on mine.

The Week in Palacio... did you like?

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thecramp dijo...

Moria Rocks!! que personaje!