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29 enero, 2010


I got crazy and did it... After watching a bunch of New Kids on the Block videos and early nineties footage something got in me for a pierced ear, it's sooooo nineties but I love it.

I thought it was gonna hurt more than it did, but it was rather quick and only hurt for a second and then it was over before I could ask, is it gonna hurt?

I love it, do you?

The first month you have to leave it in and not change the earpiece, but after that time I'm still deciding on a ring or a flat black circle... keep posted.

26 enero, 2010

Trends and Faves from the Men's Collections

Pants, pants, pants
I'm a sucker for pants, I think I have so many I can use a different pair each day of the month, I don't know what it is, but when I find a pair of jeans and/or pants that have a great fit and design I instantly fall for them and buy them. Here are the two kinds that I fell in love with...

I call this pant the "Victorian Pant," since it was Prince Albert that made this style popular in England, after watching The Young Victoria, all I wanted were a pair of pants that fit me like that

Alexander McQueen

I love these Gucci's, the fit and specially the cropped quality they have to them


Khaki, neutrals and black
Are the 90's back? Khaki, neutrals and black... Personally I LOVE this trend, but right now I am also in love with neutrals so maybe that has something to do with it...

I'm in love with these mocassins!!


Burberry Prorsum

Boxy jackets and drop-shoulders
Sometimes it's both, and others it's one or the other, drop-shoulders and boxy jackets are appearing on scene, to make guys look more thin than ever, maybe it's not such a bad idea, but I still prefer my clothes to be fitted.

Jill Sander


Burberry Prorsum

Bottega Veneta

Military Boots
Military boots are all over the fall 2010 collections, almost every single designer had some kind of boot over jeans or pants. Mainly it is a military boot, but biker boots are also in demand, personally I love boots, and love this trend.
Niel Barrett

Louis Vuitton


Gianfranco Ferré

Ermenegildo Zegna
This look is only made cool by Simon Nessman, Zegna is too drab this season

Bottega Veneta

23 enero, 2010

If You Don't Want to be Nude, Wear a Suit...

El film de Bruce Weber para YSL, "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing"

In the NUDE..

Riccardo y Stefano...

Mi primer hijo se va a llamar Riccardo Stefano o Stefano Riccardo... Las cosas que Riccardo Tisci y Stefano Pilati hacen para Givenchy y Yves Saint Laurent respectivamente son verdaderamente increibles, siguiendo la tendencia de la sastreria moderna, estructurado, recto, ellos le imponen su estilo y gusto a ese movimiento, siempre creando cosas innovadoras para la indumentaria masculina. 

El siglo XX fueron años de cambios para la indumentaria femenina, una era de creación de varias tipologías, estilos, paletas, texturas, cortes y mucho más; ellas pasaron de usar corsé a principios del siglo a vestirse con jeans ajustados y mostrar el hombligo a finales, en la mitad ocurrieron un sin-fin de cambios que tomaría otro blog para detallar cada uno de ellos.

El siglo XXI debe ser para la indumentaria masculina, lo que el XX fue para la femenina; la moda se lo debe al genero masculino, ya que las prendas que se usan en el diseño masculino son las misma del siglo XIX, pantalones, chaquetas, camisas, chalecos y no mucho más. La moda masculina debe avanzar y ser innovadora, Riccardo con Stefano estan logrando justo eso, mostrando shorts-faldas, chaquetas cortas y jumpers todo eso con un estilo muy masculino y sobrio.

Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci


Yves Saint Laurent by Stefano Pilati


Mi first born son is going to be called Riccardo Stefano or Stefano Riccardo... the things that Riccardo Tisco and Stefano Pilati do for Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent respectively are espectacular, following the current trend of modern tailoring, structured, and fit, they impose their stile and taste into that movement creating innovative things for menswear.

The twentieth century was one of change for the female wardrobe, an age of creating diferent styles, color palettes, textures, cuts, and many different lines for the female body; they went from using tight fitting bodices and corsets at the turn of the twentieth century to using hip-hugging jeans and showing of their belly-button at the end it, and in between so many different changes happened that I would have to dedicate an entirely different blog to fashion history in the last century.

The twenty-first century has to be for menswear, what the twentieth was for womenswear; fashion owes it to the male gender. Since the nineteenth century a gentleman's wardrobe has not changed with pants, blazers, shirts, vests, and not much more; men's fashion has to grow and be innovative, Riccardo and Stefano are doing just that by showing skorts, short jackets, and jumpers with a masculine and sobre style.

22 enero, 2010

Otoño 2010... Menswear

Hace unos dias comenzaron a mostrarse las colecciones masculinas para la temporada invernal 2010, la tendencia en general es volver a la sastreria, a lo armado y estructurado con una paleta de colores apagados generalmente compuesta de negros, marrones, khakis, beiges, blancos y grises; todo esto obviamente visto por el ojo del diseñador, por ejemplo en Givenchy se ve la influencia de la cultura gótica y del rock, Gucci mantiene su linea de lujo a la italiana y Louis Vuitton muestra una colección fuertemente masculina, quizas esto nos de a mostrar que la recesión sigue fuerte ya que la mayoría de las prendas mostradas en todas las colecciones son de lineas tradicionales y consideradas invesment-pieces.

Aca les muestro una selección de mis look favoritos, los eligí porque motivaban una inspiración dentro de mi, la inspiración es importante, que la indumentaria te inspire y puedas delirar imaginando diferentes estilos a la vez.

Victor & Rolf
Estos jeans con los detalles de los lentes de Victor and Rolf son increibles.

Roberto Cavalli
¿Se imaginan una musculosa hecha de imperdibles?

Pringles of Scotland

Los monocromaticos me siguen moviendo, entusiasmando y exitando... no se porque.


Para el preppy que sigue vivo dentro de mi.

Gaspard Yurkeivich
Estos pantalones me matan, si solo pordría conseguir unos asi.

Me inspira lo mismo que el look Cavalli, una musculosa de imperdibles.

Dolce & Gabbana
Si algún dia en la montaña encuentro a Sebas vestido asi... ;)

Burberry Prorsum
Hombreras pero diferentes.

Cuando vi esta me morí...

Despues vi esta y me exité...

15 enero, 2010


After the holiday season is over, I sometimes get PPD... What is PPD you may ask? 

Post-Party Depression

It's horrible, sometimes it's really heavy PPD and sometimes it's kinda light, but whichever way you get, it's still uncomfortable. Thank God that I was born into a latin culture with heat and beaches year round, even though I live in Buenos Aires at the moment, I still have the tropical heat deep in my veins.

So... after Christmas and New Years is well and finished, there is this amazing build up for the greatest party the world has ever seen... A festa mais grande do mundo as the brazilian people call it, and even though Brazil is a country of hyperboles making everything O mais grande of something, Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro really is the world's biggest celebration.

Dancing all night long to the rhythm of samba, resting on the gold colored sand beaches of Rio, Hearing drums all over town and the joy that it brings to the entire Brazilian nation, if you have not noticed thus far, I am in love with Brazil, always have, and always will be....

So... here is GLOBELEZA... TV Globo's personification of the festivities...

11 enero, 2010

Still in...

Well, as some of you know, I'm in Guayaquil right now, wanting to go back to Buenos Aires as soon as possible. I'll be back in Argentina next week and resume blogging from my homebase.