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15 enero, 2010


After the holiday season is over, I sometimes get PPD... What is PPD you may ask? 

Post-Party Depression

It's horrible, sometimes it's really heavy PPD and sometimes it's kinda light, but whichever way you get, it's still uncomfortable. Thank God that I was born into a latin culture with heat and beaches year round, even though I live in Buenos Aires at the moment, I still have the tropical heat deep in my veins.

So... after Christmas and New Years is well and finished, there is this amazing build up for the greatest party the world has ever seen... A festa mais grande do mundo as the brazilian people call it, and even though Brazil is a country of hyperboles making everything O mais grande of something, Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro really is the world's biggest celebration.

Dancing all night long to the rhythm of samba, resting on the gold colored sand beaches of Rio, Hearing drums all over town and the joy that it brings to the entire Brazilian nation, if you have not noticed thus far, I am in love with Brazil, always have, and always will be....

So... here is GLOBELEZA... TV Globo's personification of the festivities...

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