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30 marzo, 2010


Sim gente!!! outra vez no Brasil!!!

Thats the wonder of living in Buenos Aires, I have my favorite city with the best beaches only 3 hours away by plane. 

Rio de Janeiro!

Cidade Maravilhosa! 

If someone does read me in Rio, look me up in Leblon.

Two different videos that express the same thing, the awesomeness that Rio is...

22 marzo, 2010

Kris and Rocco

Some of you might say sandals are not the adequate shoe for the cold weather of fall and winter, but these high-top lace-up sandals from Kris Van Assche together with a thick wool sock might just do the trick.

I love the idea of gladiator style sandals on men, they were inspired by a man's shoe after all, plus they conjure up images of strapping sweaty men on an arena somewhere in Rome.

These loafers from Rocco Pistolesi I think are just amazing, the tassels, the worn out camel color, and the leather treatment make this shoe a fall must have... I just hope I can fulfill my own fashion advise and actually get these Pistolesi's.

Don't they have a boot feel, but even more cool because they're not? They're a bit more relaxed and casual.

If someone wants to send them to me... here's the website:, they ship around the world, my shoe size is 9 american. Thank you!!

17 marzo, 2010


¡No llores por mi Argentina! es la famosa canción de "Evita", el musical de Andrew Lloyd Weber que encarna a una de las mujeres más enigmáticas de la historia argentina. 

Evita fue la primera dama de la Argentina y una luchadora por los derechos de todos sus compatriotas, durante el mandanto de su esposo fue criticada por su excesivo uso de alta costura francesa, algunos historiadores dicen que lo hizo para poder ser más respetada en ciertos circulos y asi poder ayudar más a sus descamisados, en cambio otros dicen que sólo lo hizo por su extremo populismo e hipocrecía. 

Lo que nadie puede negar es su increible gusto, Christian Dior llegó a decir que Eva Duarte de Perón fue la unica reina que el vistió. 

Ahora la mujer argentina tiene un nuevo rol en la moda internacional, las modelos criadas a base de milanesas con fritas y mate estan causando una nueva tendencia en la moda. Primero fueron las voluptuosas brasileras con curvas y fuertes pisadas, despues las rusas y europeas orientales con rasgos fuertes y pomulos hasta los cielos, ahora las holandesas con un aspecto mas atlético, y según parece que la próxima ola de modelos va a ser de la Republica Argentina con rostros inocentes y cuerpos delgados y altos.   

Estas son las argentinas causando furor en la reciente temporada F/W 2010.

Don't cry for me Argentina! is the famous song from "Evita," Andrew Lloyd Weber's musical that incarnates one of the most enigmatic argentinian woman.

Evita was Argentina's first lady and a fighter for equality for all of her compatriots, during her husband's mandate she was widely critized for her excesive use of french haute-couture, some historians say she did this to be more respected in certain circles of power so that she could help her descamisados, others say that it was largely dew to her rampant populism and hipocrecy.

But, no one can deny her incredible taste, Christian Dior once said that the only queen that he dressed was Eva Duarte de Peron.

Now, Argentinian women have a new rol on the international fashion stage, models raised on milanesas and mate are causing a new trend in fashion. First were the voluptuous Brazilians with their curves and strog stomp, then the Russians and Eastern Europeans with their strong facial features and cheek bones towards heaven, now the Dutch with their more athletic feel, and according to it seems that the next wave in models is going to be from the Argentine Republic with innocent faces and leans, athletic bodies.

These are some of the Argentinians causing a stir during the recent fashion seans F/W 2010.

Tatiana Cotliar

Carla Gebhart

Antonella Graef

Tetyana Melnychuk

Dafne Cejas

16 marzo, 2010

Ghesquiere for Balenciaga

I love the things Cristobal Balenciaga did to create such a beautiful fashion house based on the most splendid haute-couture, and now Nicolas Ghesquiere is carrying on that great legacy into the 21st century.

These shoes are straight from some London mod girl's dream if she had lived in the 22nd century; futuristic loafers, playing with different textures, colors and shapes to create this amazing shoe.

Sometimes I really do envy women, but then I look at menswear at Prada, Givenchy and YSL and I cool down again.  


Isn't my pup beautiful? A Frenchie by the name of Ñaño, it means brother in quichua.

He's around seven months old and still being house trained, but every time I look into those eyes I just melt, it's tough training a dog this cute, ain't it?

Photo courtesy of Vicente Muñoz @

12 marzo, 2010


Lady Gaga & Beyoncé, no other words to describe it, but epic...

11 marzo, 2010

Balenciaga Vs. Paris Vogue... Round 1

What!!!??? you may be asking yourself as you read the title, and yes it's true, French Vogue's team was blacklisted from Balenciaga's Fall 2010 show.

Carine Roitfeld

Nicolas Ghesquiére

It has been true for a while that Balenciaga doesn't lend samples or advertise in the Parisian magazine, but Carine Roitfeld has been a fan of Ghesquiére's work ever since he started his stint in the house started by Cristobal Balenciaga, that famously creative Spaniard that changed the face of French haute-couture.

According to The Cut, there are various rumors going around for the falling out of the two French power-houses; on one side people are saying Balenciaga lent a sample to Paris Vogue and that Carine Roitfeld then lent it to MaxMara, a brand she consults for, MaxMara then went ahead and made a very similar coat before the sample was returned to Balenciaga.

Another rumor that's going around has to do with the firing of Marie-Amelie Sauvé from French Vogue, since she is a very close friend to Nicolas Ghesquiére and she is now the head stylist to the brand, kind of like vengeance for laying her off.

Carine and team banned from Balenciaga, wow... I just hope this feud doesn't go on for too long. Balenciaga is a great French fashion house, no one does feminine tailoring like them, and no current creative director can apply his own esthetic and mix it perfectly with a house's past like Nicolas Ghesquiére can, I mean did you she does great sari inspired trousers and skirts in the fall 2009 collection? 

or the amazing jumpsuits in the fall 2010 line? 

Just awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, and down right yummy. 

Get it together guys and make up. 

10 marzo, 2010

McQueen's last....

Lee McQueen had finished most of his fall 2010 collection before he died, and because of this the Gucci Group went ahead and showed his last creations in a private show for editors only in a Paris Salon.

The only thing missing was the showmanship that Lee Alexander added to all of his shows, I'm not saying that this one had to be like spring 2010 where nothing was spared to put on one of the best fashions shows ever in history, but this one still needed that pizazz that only he could give to his shows, he will be sourly missed.

For fall 2010 it seems that Alexander McQueen investigated a lot of medieval and gothic fashions, but took them out of that dark place he always took his creations to; you could also see in this collection clear references to previous works of his, like the spring 2001 asylum show, and the Icarus collection he did for Givenchy in 1997, this time around he mixed print, with embroidery, lavish fabrics and feathers to adorn the models heads and to make interesting skirts out of. 

I just hope that whoever takes over the creative direction of this fashion house has enough innovation to keep the legacy of Alexander McQueen alive and well.

Photos courtesy of

09 marzo, 2010

First Look

Lee Alexander McQueen's last collection... Here are the first pictures from the private shows.

I hope there are more to come...

Photo courtesy of fashionology

04 marzo, 2010

BAF Week Fall 2010: Cora Groppo

A while ago one of my best friends told me that I should start focusing on Argentine fashion being that I live in Buenos Aires, so... here I go.

El Puerto de Santa Maria del Buen Ayre or simply Buenos Aires is a very cosmopolitan city, mixing their spanish colonial past, with a very European influence during the late 19th century. During the 1990's Argentina looked to the USA for inspiration in fashion, culture, and lifestyle; ever since their economic crisis in 2001 they have begun to look inwards, into their own creative force and talents to bring out Argentine design.

BAF (Buenos Aires Fashion) Week took place last week, with some of the best talents in the city showing their interpretations of fashion and what women and men should wear. Cora Groppo is one of those talents, making interesting designs and fashions for the modern woman, this time around she made what I like to call "the shark pant," trousers with shark fins on the back of the calf.

This season she focused on X-ray pictures of sea creatures calling her Fall 2010 collection Oceanica, her color palette is very dark, mainly focusing on blacks, greys and not much else, there would have been some more color in the entire line; her silhouette is anatomical and slouchy at the same time, frankly I'm tired of the slouchiness of some Argentine fashion it's like designers don't know what to do anymore and stick rags together and sell them, do some tailoring for fashion's sake. 

All in all I don't dislike Groppo's 2010 fall collection, some coats are innovative, and the sheer dress with rolled hem in black and grey is not bad at all.     

01 marzo, 2010

Pucci Prints...

After all the minimalism, skirt suits, and less-is-more feeling that most fall collections are filled with, it really is a breath of fresh air for Peter Dundas to give us classic Pucci prints, lace, feathers, shorts dresses, and fringe.

Emilio Pucci was famous for his psychedelic prints, evoking images of 60's movie sirens lounging around yatchs in Capri and Roman elegance. This time around Peter Dundas has taken a print from the Pucci archives called Capri and dip-dyed it purple, following the trend of most italian houses of reinventing their past but doing it so in a vintage feel, as if the original had aged with grace. 

I specially love the long-sleeve long dresses with the Capri print, I feel it mixes the current trend of minimalism with color and print; the fabric has no texture and the dress-shape has no intricate forms, only a long-sleeve long dress with print, I love it.

La mayoría de colecciones de otoño estan llenas de minimalismo, trajes de faldas y sentimientos de menos es más, es muy refrescante ver a Peter Dundas en Emilio Pucci haciendo totalmente lo contrario con estampados, flecos, plumas, encajes y mini vestidos.

Emilio Pucci fue famoso por sus estampados psicodélicos, evocando imágenes de elegancia romana y hermosas actrices de los años 60 descansando en yates en la isla de Capri. Este otoño Peter Dundas tomó un estampado de los archivos de Pucci llamado Capri y lo tiño de violeta, siguiendo la tendencia de la mayoría de casas italianas reinventando su pasado pero con un aspecto más vintage, como si que el original envejeció con gracia.

Me encantan los vestidos largos con mangas largas con el estampado Capri, pienso que mezcla perfectamente la tendencia del minimalismo con colores y estampados; dado que la tela no tiene texturas y que la forma del vestido es simple, sólo una falda larga, con mangas largas y estampados. 

Luvs it.

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