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04 marzo, 2010

BAF Week Fall 2010: Cora Groppo

A while ago one of my best friends told me that I should start focusing on Argentine fashion being that I live in Buenos Aires, so... here I go.

El Puerto de Santa Maria del Buen Ayre or simply Buenos Aires is a very cosmopolitan city, mixing their spanish colonial past, with a very European influence during the late 19th century. During the 1990's Argentina looked to the USA for inspiration in fashion, culture, and lifestyle; ever since their economic crisis in 2001 they have begun to look inwards, into their own creative force and talents to bring out Argentine design.

BAF (Buenos Aires Fashion) Week took place last week, with some of the best talents in the city showing their interpretations of fashion and what women and men should wear. Cora Groppo is one of those talents, making interesting designs and fashions for the modern woman, this time around she made what I like to call "the shark pant," trousers with shark fins on the back of the calf.

This season she focused on X-ray pictures of sea creatures calling her Fall 2010 collection Oceanica, her color palette is very dark, mainly focusing on blacks, greys and not much else, there would have been some more color in the entire line; her silhouette is anatomical and slouchy at the same time, frankly I'm tired of the slouchiness of some Argentine fashion it's like designers don't know what to do anymore and stick rags together and sell them, do some tailoring for fashion's sake. 

All in all I don't dislike Groppo's 2010 fall collection, some coats are innovative, and the sheer dress with rolled hem in black and grey is not bad at all.     

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