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21 mayo, 2010


Yes... Marc Jacobs has really transformed himself from a great-chubby-nerdy designer to a great-sexy-tattooed designer.

With his bulging pecs and biceps Jacobs now has the self-steem and may I say the right to pose naked for whatever he wants, specially if that something in question is his new perfume. Some people did not like him posing naked, but I say if you got it, flaunt it so you can look back and say... "I was such a hot bitch!"

I'm guessing that Marc is channeling Yves's naked picture back in the '71 and Tom Ford's perfum-bottle-covering-crotch add, anyhow I like it. 

Plus it's the very first men's perfume done by Marc Jacobs and it has a naked add... Love you Marc! 

The perfume is called BANG, btw.

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