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27 agosto, 2010

BAF Week!

So... I know I've been absent for a week or two, but after Buenos Aires Fashion Week (BAF) I flew to guayaquil for a week to visit my family and to shock and awe them with my brand new blonde hair.

I'm currently the Argentine colaborator for CentroModaOnline, a spanish fashion website run by Pepe Reblet... I have a few articles published already, so go and read me. Since I was "foreign press" at fashion week here in Buenos Aires, I was front-rowing it at most of the shows.

BAF Week for me personally was a success, met a lot of people and did a tons of networking, at one point I ran out of business cards. You'll soon be reading me in Roteiro da Moda, a Brazilian website run by Patricia Zambardino, talking about my favorite topic, Menswear.

During my first day of BAF Week I met some very cool Brazilian girls, specially Jana Rosa from MTV Brazil, she has the blog Agora Que Sou Rica. Also met Vanessa Rodríguez Maza from Lima, Peru that writes for La Vida de Serendipity, Sofia Calvo Foxley from Santiago, Chile that writes for Quinta Trends, these last two became my very good friends during the entire week, loved them.

This is me with Serendipity

Also be featured in an online magazine, in Allegro Moda a website run by Argentina's Rachel Zoe, Fabian Medina Flores, and in

In OnTheCorner, you can see my pink eye here.

In Allegro Moda

In UstedWeb

Sorry that I haven't been posting... I'll be posting regularly very soon, don't miss me too much.

2 comentarios:

Diana dijo...

I'm so proud of you!!! you rock it!! Ti voglio bene!! xoxo

Cristina dijo...

que cool q te hayan sacado en esos sitios. Ya me voy a meter a Centromoda para leer tus articulos ;)