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26 agosto, 2009

F@#$%G Writer's Block

I feel like I'm going through a writer's block at the moment, I feel like a want to write but haven't got the slightest thought of what to write. Being that I live in Buenos Aires, it is very far from any major publication of Vogue, so I get kind of excited (jumping up and down excited) when I get a copy of Vogue in the month that it's published.

Here in Buenos Aires, international magazines are hard to come by, unless you want to pay up to 100 pesos for one magazine at the newsstand in Av. Alvear and Ayacucho outside the world famous Alvear Palace Hotel. So any opportunity I get to get my hands on a current copy, I really take hold of it and squeeze it.

The ones who know me personally, know that I lived in Washington D.C. for the better part of my adolescence, from 1994 'till 2001, during those years that you begin to get awkward, clumsy and you begin to find out what sexuality is. My brother and sister still live there and so I get them to send me the current copies with a friend of theirs that came to Buenos Aires for business.

THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE!!! Is the most valuable copy of Vogue of the entire year, it's the issue that gives us a first peek into what the autumn season is going to look like, the trends, the accessories, the colors, all in all the fashion for the cold weather that is coming up, like Candy Pratt Price says "September is the January of fashion." R.J. Cutler even made a documentary on what it takes to make the september issue, through the eyes of the ever omnipresent Ms. Wintour, and you get to decide for yourself if that poised, regal and ever most elegant creature that wears Prada is really the devil incarnate.

The September Issue Trailer

Do you like? 


It's the real "The Devil Wears Prada" I can't wait to watch it.

All the September issues of all fashion magazines are always the thickest ones, since its the beggining of the "ecclesiastical" year for fashion, September is when fashion begins, and we start to dream of thigh-high boots, leather gloves, beautiful coats, hats, scarves and this year Vogues tells us that all these items must be in red and in a 40's style.

This issue features Charleze Theron on the cover, shot by Mario Testino in the New Mexico ranch of Georgia O'Keeffe and styled by Tonne Goodman

and a fantabular spread with Natalia Vodianova as little-red-riding-hood, showing how fabulous red can really be shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott and styled by Ms. Wintours right-hand Grace Coddington.

Sorry, I wasn't able to find pics of the spread... I'll scan them soon

GQ also has its fashion issue, with Michael Jackson on the cover in full color, when the king of pop was young and cool
Details has the extremely sexy Mr. Bündchen, Tom Brady on the cover

Harper's Baazar has Gossip's own IT girl, Leighton Meester

Maybe I just needed to start writing again to get rid of the block, I hope I'll soon have more juicy fashion tid-bits for everyone... 

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