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27 agosto, 2009

Why Can't I Live In NYC!!

Or in Rio or Sao Paulo or Paris!!! This Sept. 10 Fashion's Night out is happening where ever a major issue of Vogue is published, so obviously the epicenter of this event is none other than NYC. 

This event will have stores all around the world open until 11pm and it's intended on getting people back into the stores to shop and get the economy back to its feet again, the girls of Vena Cava are hosting a block-party in their Brooklyn store... So get excited!!! 

Why can't we have thist in the Palermo Districts here in Buenos Aires? I mean, all the best shopping is also done there and the Argentine economy could also use some help, specially the fashion industry. Something to think about, even though to some people this industry might seem frivolous and fru-fru, it still employs millions of people, helping out even more, and the best of all is it gives an enormous amount of beauty into the world, 

and were would we be without a little pink in would lives?

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